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For background, see: Attorney Charles Ware's Blog, Wednesday, November 21, 2012, charlesware.blogspot.com/ "Dr Pedophile's" Social Child Sex Abuse Case Ends: $123,000,000 Class Action Settlement"; twitter.com/charlesjware/11-21-2012.

On or about November 19th, 2012, Wilmington, Delaware Superior Court trial Joseph Slights III approved the $123,000,000 class action settlement for more than 900 victims of child sex abuse over a 15-year period of time by pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley, now age 59, aka "Dr. Pedophile."

Victims of Dr. Bradley were children from communities in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania (including several infants).

Plaintiffs who entered into the $123 million settlement now have until Friday, December 14th, 2012 to submit their claims for compensation (a form to be filled out) to former Philadelphia-based judge Thomas Rugger, who will determine the payout (compensation) for each victim.

According to Plaintiff's attorneys, about $90 million should be available for victims, after attorneys' fees and expenses are paid.  Judge Rugger also over-saw payouts to victims of sexual abuse by members of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware.

Dr. Bradley was convicted in August 2011 of multiple counts of child rape involving his patients, and is serving a term of 14 life sentences.  He recorded his abuse on videos that he kept at his office.  These recordings amounted to more than 13 hours of videos.

Since Bradley did not have malpractice insurance, the money comes from the hospital where he had privileges, Beebe Medical Center.  Apparently the hospital feared bankruptcy and chose to settle.  The first checks should start going out in early 2013.

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